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Producing a full summer season of professional theater is costly. Ticket sales cover only about 60% of our annual operating expenses. The balance comes from the contributions of our patrons and friends – and it is those contributions that enable us to produce extraordinary work. Please consider a gift in support of the music, laughter and fantastic performances that you see on our stage summer after summer.

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The Barn is a listed historical landmark and a priceless cultural resource in our community.
As an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, all donations are tax deductible.

What Does Your Gift Do?

Every gift makes a difference. Your support will help to cover a huge range of expenses associated with our 2017 season, including:

$25: 15,000 heavy-duty steel staples for our staple guns. The scenic and props departments go through tens of thousands of industrial staples in a season.
$80: A single body microphone (called a lavalier), worn on an actor’s body as part of the theater’s sound system. We typically replace at least 10 of them each summer.
$150: A season’s worth of hot glue for the props department
$250: Our 2017 paints budget for West Side Story
$500: A summer’s worth of first aid supplies for backstage, housing, rehearsal room, and front-of-house first aid kits
$1,000: New, military-grade bunkbeds to replace aging, increasingly rickety ones in our intern housing
$2,500: A typical week’s worth of food to feed a company of 75+
$11,000: Royalties for West Side Story