Now Casting!


Local NH Auditions:

Local auditions for specific roles in our upcoming production of Over the Pub roles will be held on Sunday, May 25 from 12:00-2:00 pm, on the stage of the New London Barn. Please email for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Currently open roles are:

EDDIE (age 16-19) The eldest sibling, Eddie has a reputation to maintain. He feels he is an adult now and wants to have that responsibility and respect. He stands up for his beliefs in an argument with his father, which leads to him leaving home. He also has a fair amount of guilt due to his newfound thoughts about girls.

ANNIE (age 15-18) The put-upon sibling, Annie has a major confidence issue. She doesn’t believe in herself as being smart or pretty, but has a heart of gold. She is shy to open up, both to peers and her family, and therefore has a lot of secrets, such as going to adult movies and skipping school. She also sneaks home candy bars every day, much to her mother’s chagrin.

TOMMY (age 13-16) On the brink of adolescence, Tommy is seeing everything in a new perspective. He is a free thinker with an analytic mind. Very earnest, he has strong opinions about what is right and how the world works. This gets him into a lot of trouble at Sunday School, as his innocently formed thoughts, blending science and contemporary ideas with the scriptures, is blasphemous to Sister Mary Agnes.

MIKIE (age 12-15) A sweet, soft soul, Mikie has an undefined learning disability and feels things very deeply. He is a keen observer, seeing everything that goes around him and understands better than most people realize. He is an excellent mimic, which can get himself and his siblings into trouble.

 Acting Intern Company Auditions:

New London Barn Playhouse, an SPT Theater in New London, NH, seeks non-Equity performers for its Acting Intern Company. The 2014 contract runs from May 26-August 17 with the possibility of casting in Dial M for Murder, which runs until August 31. Acting Interns form the foundation of the company and play leading roles and/or chorus in each show alongside AEA actors. Compensation is $1,200 for the summer plus EMC points. Tech work is required 3 mornings a week, basic housekeeping chores are assigned, and participation in load ins and strike is mandatory. Acting Interns will be offered a leading role for the season and will audition for the available roles in the remaining shows. They will also perform in three original musical revues throughout the summer.

NLBP participates in the following auditions …

Strawhat Auditions: Completed for 2014.

New Hampshire Professional Theatre Association in NH: Completed for 2014.

NETCs in MA: Completed for 2014.

NYC Intern & Guest Artist Call: Time and date TBA.  We usually hold a call by appointment only in March. If so, the auditions will be posted in Backstage and on the AEA website.

Junior Intern Auditions:

April 12th and 13th, 1:00-5:00pm by appointment with Education Director Josh Feder at Please prepare 32 measures of a song and present a monologue of your choice under one minute. For ages 12-18. Teenagers interested in technical internships should make an audition appointment as well to interview with the staff. Saturday, April 12th auditions will be held at Whipple Hall in New London, NH. Whipple Hall is the corner of Main Street and Seaman’s Road. Sunday, April 13th auditions will be held at the Northern Stage Rehearsal Studio, 76 Gates Street in White River Junction, VT.